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Junior Kindy
15 months - 3 years

For many children in the Junior Kindy room this is their first experience outside the family home. This class is led by a Diploma qualified lead educator and certificate qualified educator. The learning program is planned with children and their families using the Early Years Learning Framework as a guide.

A key feature for young children in this group is for children to form secure attachments. With relationships a key focus we unsure that children feel connected, safe and secure whilst at kindy. This involves knowing that there are adults who will care for them and they can rely on and being in a safe environment with predictable routines.



Language acquisition is very fast at this age and many children go from 1 or 2 words to having and expansive vocabulary and speaking in full sentences. Children in the Junior Kindy room love using their senses to explore. They enjoy investigating the feel, sights, smells and sounds around them. Through active hands-on play children are making sense of their world, developing their skills and learning new words. As well children are learning about using the toilet, how to make your needs known using words, sharing and how to do things for yourself and help others. Children love the repetition of nursery rhymes, singing and music.

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