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6 weeks - 2 years

The nursery is a calm environment the becomes an extension from your loving arms to ours. Babies from 6 weeks-2 years join the nursery family.  

Young children flourish when they form secure attachments, and from knowing they are protected and cared for, your little one will venture from gentle arms to exploring the world and others who surround them.  The nursery has experienced and qualified consistent educators to ensure we know your infant well and consciously arrange the day to mirror and build on home rhythms and routines.

Infants feel nurtured and loved by caring educators who work with you to continue your child’s established personal routine and rhythms, patterns for play, sleep and nourishment. Life in the nursery is unhurried and calm, with educators consciously supporting your child’s need for physical and sensory care, as well as sleep and nourishment.   Following the ‘breathing in’ and breathing out rhythms, children engage in creative play and exploration using natural resources that have been specifically designed for infants and active play in the beautiful outdoor gardens, balanced with quiet and restful moments. 

Little ones are very curious and learn from imitation of others who surround them. The nursery educators are models worthy of imitation, arranging authentic experiences, so your child can experience the condition of wonder and develop their own unique sense of self and will through playful activities.  We document and celebrate your child’s milestones with you, as they grow and develop from infancy through to toddlerhood. 

Parents/caregivers supply bottles, meals and nappies for your infant from home, which we provide to your child following  strict hygiene protocols.  Nourishing foods that are usually eaten by your child, the feel of the comfort of a familiar nappy brand and bottle, sleep and comfort toys from home, all helps little ones to feel a sense of security and grows their confidence. 

We acknowledge that you as parents are your child’s first and foremost educators, and so we aim fo form a gentle bridge from home to centre enfolding little ones in a loving 'circle of security.'   The nursery becomes an extension of home rhythms and routines, like a  ' home away from home’ where your baby will feel loved, nurtured and protected and will grow and flourish. 

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