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Why Choose Steiner?

The preschool years, the kindergarten years are the most important of all in the education of the child.

It is absolutely essential that before we begin to think, before we so much as begin to set our thinking in motion, we experience the condition of wonder.

Rudolf Steiner


Through Creative Play Children Will Flourish

Children develop their will and agency through their intrinsically motivated play. They flourish through relationships that nurture their head, hearts and hands, gently growing their creativity, capability and confidence. 21st century learners need to be resilient, divergent thinkers, who can solve problems through creative and innovative thinking. Future citizens embrace a reverence for others and the natural works though knowing that ‘life is beautiful.’ Children experience that ‘life is good’ though feeling nurtured and safe, which are the catalyst for developing the ethics of service, responsibility and care.


Foundations For Learning


Through play and exploring authentic and real life contexts, children become curious, build capacities, enliven their imagination and attain their sense of self. Children learn through imitation of the caregivers who are sharing creative, social and purposeful real world tasks, with a sense of joy and purpose. Young children learn through green play, in natural environments, which helps them develop, refine, practice and master skills, rather than passive or sedentary screenplay, which is becoming more and more pervasive in children’s lives. The outdoors offers opportunities to relax from the busyness of life by letting ‘kids be kids,’ 

Daily Rhythms and Cycles

The kindergarten is surrounded by large natural play spaces, where children can engage in active physical play, intentionally balanced with quiet, restful moments. They daily rhythm has a natural ‘breathing in’ and ‘breathing out’ flow. The centre involves children in play in a unique learning garden, called Birdwood Place. Children enjoy the freedom to run, sharing stories, paint, build huts, play in the bush kitchen and explore the mud, grass, roots and rocks. Children flourish when they have opportunities to be curious and explore the world around them and creatively make meaning through play with friends, and nurtured by their teachers.

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