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4 - 5 years

The pre-prep class is lead by two University Bachelor qualified teachers who have worked in both the Primary and Early Childhood Sector. Children attend this class the year before starting school – from 5 years of age on June.

Our Pre-prep room meet the criteria for Queensland Kindergarten funding, which means that highly qualified staff committed to the education and care of young children lead the class. The teachers plan the learning program with the children and families following the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines.

We have a strong focus on children developing resilience, confidence and independence. We strive to inspire young minds to inquire, investigate, take on challenges, problem – solve as well as developing their thinking, literacy and numeracy skills through games and concept development. Children’s play is becoming more complex and abstract as they learn to engage in dramatic play with friends learning how to take on roles, negotiate and cooperate with each other.

We work closely with local schools to ensure that children are well prepared for the larger school environment and transition well. This includes visits to pre prep classes and school children visiting our centre to talk about school with the younger ones. We read many stories and engage children in philosophy discussions and critical thinking.


A special feature of our prep year is a major production that is performed at Rose Rainbow as well as children from local schools. Teachers with specialised talent in music, drama, dance give children unique opportunities to develop skills in the performing arts. When children perform they develop self confidence to stand in front of an audience and speak/sing/move and we find this often leads to a lifelong love of the purest forms of the arts.

Children in the pre-prep class will be provided a transition statement. This provides information about key aspects of each child’s learning and is a valuable resource of information about your child for his/her school assisting in their transition. 

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