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Our Team

Our teachers/educators are qualified, experienced and caring. We value our relationships with children and their families and work together to help children develop a love of learning by engaging them in rich, meaningful learning experiences and dialogue.

Many of our staff have taught in Primary Schools, so they have a solid understanding of the important skills and dispositions children need to be successful learners as they transition into school and through life.

  • Qualified, experienced teachers/educators holding a university Bachelor & Masters Degree, Graduate Diploma in Steiner Education, Diploma and Certificate in Children’s Services
  • Staff who have diverse skills, interests and cultural backgrounds share their skills and passions to provide specialised learning, particularly in the outdoors, sporting codes and performing arts – drama, art and music
  • Registered teachers who have experience working in both Primary Schools and Early Childhood Education
  • Sector leaders in professional development, action research and exemplar centre
  • Training provider for pre-service educational professionals
  • All staff hold a current First Aid Certificate including CPR, anaphylaxis and asthma management.
  • All staff hold a blue card for suitability to work with children or exemption

Staff Profiles
(coming soon)

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